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Denton Family Law And Divorce Attorney, Joseph F. Zellmer, is a Board Certified Family Law Attorney by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  He is licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas, and his law office is located conveniently in Downtown Denton, TX. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Mr. Zellmer.

Law Firm's Philosophy

“I believe that my first duty is to provide information to my clients about the law and, not only, how it applies to their situation but how I believe the court may apply the law to the facts of their case. This information helps my clients make informed choices about proceeding with their cases. I want my clients to have a realistic view of their case and the legal system. For most clients, exposure to the law has been through television, with its over-simplified, over-sensationalized portrayal. Clients are also exposed to law by listening to others talk about their own experiences with the legal system or what others have heard. Neither method usually gives clients a realistic view of what they can expect. It is important to me that my clients receive quality information as soon as possible in order to make informed choices.

I believe in representing my clients to the fullest extent of the law. This does not mean that every case should go to jury trial. Alternate methods of resolution are always explored in every case. Alternate methods could include settlement conferences with the opposing attorney or perhaps mediation with a neutral party. Resolving a case through alternative methods is most often less expensive and less emotionally trying on the client. ”

– Joseph F Zellmer

Experienced Denton Family Law Attorney

Less Than 10% Of Attorneys in Texas are Board Certified

The Law Office of Joseph Zellmer and his legal team are highly experienced in the practice of divorce, family law, and other legal matters in Denton County. As a Board Certified Attorney by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Joseph Zellmer has aggressively negotiated and when necessary, litigated contested divorce, child custody, and marital property cases for over 28 years. For attentive, caring, and financially savvy counsel, contact our office today.

Why Do I Need An Attorney Who Specializes in
“Family Law”?

Every case is unique and the facts of each case greatly drive the end results.  Texas family law has changed significantly over the past thirty years, with the result that it is now both more predictable and fair for all parties.  However, it has also become much more specialized, so that you need an Attorney who spends a great deal of time practicing specifically in the family law area.  The rules are very complex and the nuances and exceptions are many.  You should rely only on a well-experienced family law attorney, like Attorney Joseph Zellmer, to help you with your family law matter in Denton County.

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