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Denton Mediation Attorney

 Mediation is a cost-effective alternative for dispute resolution. Often less intimidating than litigation, mediation allows family members to resolve their issues and come to a mutual arrangement outside of court. In mediation, the family enters into informal discussions presided over by a neutral, third party attorney. This neutral mediator guides the conversation with the goal of tackling the primary issues surrounding the dispute and coming to an amicably negotiated agreement.

 Choosing an Experienced Mediator in Denton, TX

An experienced family-law attorney can greatly aid the mediation process. While unable to decide the final outcome, a seasoned mediator will listen to both parties and help them evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in each case. This can lead to a quicker and more successful resolution. Mediation is often encouraged over litigation for a number of reasons including financial costs, but most importantly, mediation allows the family to make the decisions instead of the court.


If you’re in need of a mediation attorney, Joseph F. Zellmer can help. Experienced in all aspects of the mediation process, Joseph F. Zellmer offers invaluable advice, strategies, and guidance to help you secure the most favorable outcome possible.


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