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Legal Name Changes in Denton County

People seek name changes in Denton County for a variety of reasons from celebrating a marriage or adding an addition to the family to severing connections to their past. Maybe you never cared for your name or have always been known by another or perhaps you need to change the name of your child from a former relationship. Whatever your unique situation or reason may be, the office of Joseph F. Zellmer has the expertise to help you navigate the legal process of name changes.

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In order to obtain a legal name change, you first must file a document called the Original Petition for Change of Name. In correspondence with Texas law, the petition needs to be verified. This requires the petitioner signing and swearing in the front of a notary that all the information contained is true. Then the petition is submitted to the district clerk in the county in which the petitioner lives and the clerk passes it on to a particular court to be decided.

While this process can be complicated and confusing, Joseph F. Zellmer offers expert legal advice and strategies to achieve your desired results while protecting your rights and interests. Experienced in the entire name change process, Mr. Zellmer can help you with every detail from filing the application or Petition for Change of Name to fingerprinting and an appearance in court. He works quickly and efficiently, taking decisive action to fulfill your legal objectives and secure a proper name change.

 The Benefit of Legal Assistance

While you are capable of pursuing a name change without an attorney, Joseph F. Zellmer can provide invaluable legal assistance to ensure you have all the right information at your disposal and to properly present a thorough case to the court. Our office will compile the necessary paperwork and documentation to complete your name change process, guiding you and answering any questions along the way. Let us help you get the name you desire.

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