Enforcement of Divorce Decree

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Enforcement of Divorce Decree in Denton

Divorce is difficult enough without the added stress and frustration of a former spouse reneging on your divorce agreement or failing to follow the court order. A divorce decree or final judgment is legally binding. All conditions of the court order must be followed by both parties, failure to do so places the violator at risk of contempt. If at any point either individual finds a provision of the decree unacceptable, that person must petition the court for modification; one cannot simply ignore the requirements.

If your previous spouse is not behaving in accordance with your divorce decree, you have the right to file a contempt of court motion and pursue legal ramifications to ensure enforcement. During the court proceedings, you will be asked to present an account of the violation complete with supporting documentation and subpoenaed witnesses that can validate your claims. This can often be an overwhelming and confusing process. You need the legal assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable family-law attorney.

 Experienced Denton Divorce Enforcement Attorney

Joseph F. Zellmer is a seasoned attorney ready to listen to your concerns, protect your rights, and fight for the enforcement of your court order.  Based in the Denton area, Joseph F. Zellmer has the knowledge and strategies to fight your case in the courtroom. Decree enforcements can range from child support and visitation to property division and alimony. Our office has experience with all kinds of violations including:

  • Non-payment of alimony
  • Non-payment of child support
  • Non-compliance with the visitation schedule
  • Failure to pay debts
  • Failure to list the family home for sale
  • Failure to properly divide assets including retirement plans

When faced with fighting for the enforcement of your divorce decree, seek the invaluable guidance and expertise of Joseph F. Zellmer. We are on your side and will do everything in our power to obtain the results you desire.

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