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Collaborative Law

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Collaborative Law in Texas

When faced with divorce, avoiding a vicious battle in the courtroom can help ease some of the emotional and financial strain often incurred during these proceedings. Although not applicable in every circumstance or situation, collaborative law provides a respectful finality to the marriage and offers a more amicable route of resolution. Recently accepted by the state of Texas, collaborative law offers couples the opportunity to negotiate an agreement outside of court.


 The Collaborative Law Process

Collaborative law requires both parties to sign a participation agreement, a contract that commits them to the process and prohibits their attorneys from representing them in any future litigation. Without the looming threat of court intervention, you and your spouse are free to enter into honest discussions with the intention of arriving at a satisfactory and successful arrangement. Your attorneys work together to obtain any relevant information and facilitate the resolution of pertinent issues like visitation, custody, child support, property division, and alimony. Because they are barred from taking your case to court, collaborative law gives them every incentive to help you reach your desired results.

In collaborative law, you are in control of the entire process. You command the pace of the proceedings; create customized solutions tailored to your specific needs; and unlike mediation, are represented by your own individual, legal advisors.


Hiring Experienced Family-Law Counsel

Joseph F. Zellmer provides expert counsel and proven negotiation methods for those wanting to enter into the process of collaborative law. We at the office of Joseph Zellmer understand that every case and every individual is unique. We will listen to your concerns and strive to efficiently and successfully accomplish your legal objectives.


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