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Child Support Modification

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Child Support Modification in Texas

Life is an ever-changing journey; what worked at one time may not work later as life, people, situations, and interests evolve. Because life requires flexibility and fluidity, Texas law offers a reprieve for families that need changes or modifications. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the parenting plan and/or child support arrangement after the original court order surrounding your children’s care. This order takes many forms such as a Paternity Order, Divorce Decree or Order in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship.

Texas law requires any modification requests to be filed in the same court and county where the preceding order was entered. Some exceptions exist, however. For instance, if your children have been residents of another county for more than six months, you are permitted to have the case transferred to the new county where the children reside. In order to successfully transfer the case, though, either parent must address this at the outset of filing the suit otherwise the right will be lost.

 Choosing Expert Legal Assistance

At the office of family-law attorney Joseph F. Zellmer our goal is to ensure you are informed of legalities like these from the beginning, so no opportunity is missed. The more informed you are, the more accurate your decisions, and the more successful the outcome. Throughout each step of the process, we will disclose all necessary information with meticulous care and expert guidance, so that you can intelligently evaluate your predicament and ability to succeed. Whatever your decision may be, we are committed to helping you in every way we can.


Joseph Zellmer has assisted families with all types of child support and custody modifications in Texas, such as:

  • Income increases or decreases
  • Child experiences issues at school or home
  • Parent has a problem with drugs or alcohol or provides an otherwise unsafe environment for children
  • Relocation
  • Older child requests to live with another parent


Until your children reach the age of 18, graduate high school, or are otherwise released from your care, the court will retain the ability to adjust any prior orders involving them. Do not undertake these petitions without the help of an experienced family-law attorney.


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