Child Support Collection

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Denton Child Support Collection

In child custody cases, typically one parent will be ordered to pay child support and provide medical insurance.

Various factors influence the amount of child support a court deems necessary for a particular case. Texas has seventeen different variables a judge can examine when deciding a petition for child support. This can result in payments above or below the statutory guidelines. Joseph F. Zellmer, an experienced family-law attorney in Denton, TX, understands these variables and employs proven techniques and strategies to meet your child-support needs.

 The Critical Variable

The singular, most critical factor a Judge will consider when deciding the appropriate amount of child support is parental income. Depending on whether both parents have a single job and one W-2 or whether they have multiple sources of income, the calculations can be rather simple and straightforward or rather complicated and elaborate. Income reported by IRS filings may not necessarily be the same amount as the income the court considers in child-support calculations. For example, business expense deductions for a self-employed person may not be factored into the equation when looking at child support requirements.

Child support is an independent obligation and must be sustained despite any other issues that arise between you and the other parent regarding visitation. Let the office of Joseph F. Zellmer help you fight for the assistance you need to care for your children.

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