Child Custody and Visitation Rights

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Child Custody and Visitation Rights

The subject of child custody, often called conservatorship, and visitation is one of the most sensitive and yet hotly contested issues surrounding a divorce. In child custody litigation, Texas courts prioritize the interests and welfare of the children above all else.

As a veteran family-law attorney, Joseph F. Zellmer understands the magnitude of what is at stake and what is required for a successful outcome. We will meet with you to determine your legal options, expectations, and the records and documents you will most likely require. We will create a plan tailored to your unique needs and propose a solution that will increase your ability to succeed. Our office continuously endeavors to avoid long-term, emotional battles that can take a serious toll on both you and your child.

When the court decides a custody or visitation case, they consider all aspects of the parents’ ability to care for their children including financial stability, mental health, chemical dependency and addiction, as well as whether either holds a criminal conviction or arrest record.

Texas Conservatorship

Texas courts heavily favor joint conservatorship unless there is evidence of violence or substance abuse. Until very recently, the court was actually required to choose one parent as the “primary conservator” who would retain the exclusive right to establish the primary residence for the child. However, as this is no longer the case in Texas, families now have the ability to create a more often flexible and sustainable parenting plan.

If a mutually-acceptable arrangement cannot be reached, Joseph F. Zellmer is ready to intervene and help you present your case in the best light. You will have expert legal advice, proven strategies, and years of experience to help you achieve the results you and your children need.

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